Anglican Church of Canada

 St. James Anglican Church

Lay Leadership

Our Wardens 2017

David Roberts

Tammy Rutherford

Janice Shepherd

Walter Gosk

Our Parish Council 2017

Parish Council consists of both elected and appointed members whose responsibility is to advise the parish leadership in both spiritual and day-to-day practical matters. These range from developing new programs within the parish to mundane matters such as whether the furnaces are working properly.

includes Our Wardens

Rev Ann Turner

Anne Warner

Barbara Clunes

Brian Dowling

Duane Pickle

Elsie Pickett

Heather-Jane Maurice

Helen Henderson

Joan Rutherford

John Bolton

Rod Irving

Russell Reed

Our Lay Delegates to Synod 2017

Heather-Jane Maurice
John Bolton

Our Licensed Lay Readers

Barbara Clunes

Carol Witcher

Dean Dunbar

Church Logo Small
St. James Anglican Church

P.O. Box 93
171 Queen St. E.,
Fergus, Ontario


Worship Services
Sunday 9:00am Traditional Anglican Service (no music)
  10:30am Modern Anglican Service with Music
Wednesday 10:00am Morning Prayer Service

4th Wednesday

7:00pm Taizé Service
Office Hours
Monday to Thursday 9:00 am to Noon